When everyday is a humpday


We all have those week in our lives when everyday feels like hump days. Where you just want to laze around and literally not doing anything. It feels like life sucks and you hate everyone. It's hard not to feel like this but here are some tips that i can give to ease the pain of the hump weeks.

1. Start your day right. 

We all know that morning is the most crucial part of the day. When you have a shitty morning, your mood will be shitty throughout the whole day but when you start it right, you'll feel much better and much refreshed even though you still don't feel like going to work. Start it right, change your mindset from

'this is not gonna work i feel like shit'


'everything will be alright today, i am glad that i am still alive and breathing'

What you tell yourself will affect how you feel and think towards everything towards the day.


2. Know yourself.

No one know yourself better than yourself, of course. Be honest with it

For me, starting my morning feeling relaxed is crucial, i hate rushing and i know when i don't have my coffee in the morning, i'll be feeling grumpy the whole day. As much as i want to wake up late, i know that i can't. I need to wake up nice and early, do things slow and grab my daily dose on my way to the office. 

If you like to do some make up in the morning, for example, to boost your confidence, you know that you can't wake up 30 minutes before the train comes right?


3. End the day right.

This one is obvious but people often forget to do this. They kicked off the day with a really good morning but ended up having a nightmare at night. Treat yourself as a pat in the back for doing a great job passing the day alright. A nice bubble bath with a glass of wine will never do any harm.

Relax and take it easy, be nice to yourself and i am sure you will wake up feeling better the next day

Allegra Sugianto